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My Obsession for the Indigo Pattern

To date I have made five Tilly and the Buttons Indigo tops so I suppose you could say I am a little obsessed over this pattern. There is also a dress version and you can hack it in so many ways. When it was first released I liked it but once I made my first version in a beautiful floral cotton I loved it!

Indigo Top made in a floral cotton fabric from Oh! Sew

Indigo top made in a pinstripe tencel from Oh! Sew

The Indigo pattern is best suited for woven fabrics such as cotton, viscose or rayon. Though I would love to give it a go in a jersey fabric sometime. I make a size 5 for myself though I could probably go down to a size 4 but happy with the 5 for the moment...really I'm too lazy to trace the pattern out again...

I have made the same version each time, the top because I find this easiest for feeding Henry plus it feels nice and dressy at the same time. When I wear my Indigo tops I always wear a vest top underneath so when feeding Henry I do one up one down, helps for a bit of modesty if out and about and also most importantly to keep my back warm! I mostly wear my Indigo tops with a pair of skinny jeans.

Indigo top made in a woven material bought in Tokyo

Each of my Indigos have varying sleeve lengths. This has just depended on the amount of fabric I had. I like the straight sleeve style as I'm almost always wearing a cardigan so it would always sit better. As for the gathers, I just love gathers! I tend to go for the exposed gathers on the top, I love this feature.

The pattern itself is relatively simple, great for an advanced beginner. I say advanced because the gathers in the pattern can be a little tricky if you haven't done them before. Other than the gathers everything else is straightforward including side seams, shoulder seams and setting in sleeves.

Indigo Top made in a beautiful cotton from Felicity Fabrics and Whim Wham Buttons

So back to the gathers, its not that gathers are complicated the process is actually pretty simple. The tricky part for me is getting the gathers even and sitting 'perfectly'. When I'm doing gathers on a top or dress I tend to sit down with a cup of tea and something on the tv to pass the time. You definitely need a comfortable seat for doing gathers!

Also if doing the exposed gathers on the Indigo top then you need to rip the long gather stitches out after sewing them in place. This can also be a lengthy task so boil the kettle again. I quite enjoy this strangely it can be quite therapeutic.

Indigo top made with cotton from Quilt Yarn Stitch

I'm sure I will make this pattern again but for now I will continue with my plans I have at the moment for other garments, watch this space!

I'd definitely recommend this pattern if this is your kind of style or would like to try something different. It would also be great for maternity, as with the smock style it would accommodate a growing bump.

Thanks for reading.

Rebekah x

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