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Mummy and Son Matching Dungarees

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Nice to be back with another blog for my website. I hope you are all safe and well. Today I am just a little excited to bring you this blog, ok a lot! Recently I decided to make Henry and I matching dungarees. 

I have had my eye on the Made By Jacks Mum Heyday Dungarees for a while and decided to snap up the adult and child bundle patterns on Etsy. There are lots of gorgeous versions of the Heydays. Some of my favourites are by Liz from TheBakerThatSews, I love all her heydays. 

I had a browse on 1st for Fabrics looking at their corduroys. I came across this gorgeous denim blue chunky cord. It was £8.95 per metre and I ordered 3 metres for this project. They had a great range of colours on their website. I was tempted by the navy but the denim blue won. It was even more gorgeous when it arrived in person and is super soft on the right side. On the wrong side it feels more like cotton.

When cutting out the fabric I found it a little hard cutting the fabric when I was going across the way, but think this was due to it being chunky. It was very easy though cutting vertically. If you are sewing with corduroy make sure you cut it with the pile sitting the right way. Brush it with your hand and you'll see how it looks different each direction. I cut both mine and Henry's out at the same time. I cut a size small for myself and aged 2 for Henry. He is only 18 months, but I thought it's better sizing up than down, sure he will grow into them! One of the things I love about MBJM patterns is that they go up to aged 12 so you really get your value from them. 

Making up the heydays didn't take long at all. I made mine first and Henry's second. With making mine first it made it easier making Henry's as the process was the same. I think the longest part were the pockets as there were 5 altogether. I sewed two lines of topstitching round the pockets for extra strength.If you make the Heydays, do take your time with the topstitching as it will pay off. I also chose to do loop fasteners for the straps, I love the look of them. This pattern also has the option of having button fasteners for the straps. 

I must admit though it wasn't love at first sight for me as I thought the legs were a bit baggy. Though once they were hemmed and pressed I felt better about them and looking in the mirror. I think it's hard to get a true look of a garment looking down at it. Having said all that I do love them and they will be a great staple to my wardrobe, very comfortable yet feel stylish and will allow me to run after Henry easily! Since making them I have worn them so much already. One day I paired them with my RTW yellow jumper and my check Ilford shirt. 

I do love Henry's dungarees on him, he is super cute don't you think. The other thing about making them a bit bigger is that we will be matchy matchy for longer. Until he grows into the length of them, I will roll them up. I'll also roll mine up a little bit. The size is surprisingly pretty good considering he is a bit young for them. I think he loves them too! With Henry's dungarees I decided not to put a snap crotch in but the option is there. I just find it easier now to pull them on and off Henry. With a younger baby the snap crotch would be very handy! 

I'll certainly be making more heydays for both of us especially when they are so quick to make. I actually have another pair cut already for Henry. It's a fabric I'm using for a Minerva blog and I'll have a skirt in the same fabric. I also plan to make a mustard denim pair for myself. I just hope I can squeeze a pair for Henry from the remnants. 

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