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My Love for the Ilford Jacket

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I love love love this pattern! The Ilford Jacket has been on my list of garments to make for a few months now. It is also part of my Make 9 for 2020. When See You at Six fabric launched a new range of fabrics around December 2019 I knew the trellis blue wide rib corduroy would be perfect for an Ilford Jacket, so I purchased 2 metres from Oh! Sew ( I had a check and there is still some in stock along with the brown colour.

The corduroy is so soft on the outside and perfect weight for a jacket. I prewashed it at 30 degrees on a quick wash, it washed really well.

Onto the Ilford pattern, when looking at the sizing of this jacket I decided to go with medium. It is quite an oversized jacket so I would suggest going a size lower than you think. Of course it depends how would you like the fit to be so just double check the finished garment measurements. I think next time (of course there will be a next time) I will make a size small. Though I am still happy with the medium as it will allow me to wear a chunky jumper underneath or layer up.

Rebekah modelling her Ilford Jacket by the local lakes.

A close up of the beautiful chunky corduroy by See You at Six.

I read over the pattern a few times to make sure I understood it well by the time I would sew it. As jackets go, this looked a pretty easy one. So recently I finally got a chance to cut and sew up this beautiful jacket. It was my birthday on Friday 13th March so my husband Robert helped to give me some uninterrupted sewing time over the weekend. I didn't actually spend too much time on it in the grand scale of things. Over the course of 2 days I spent about 2-3 hours on it.

I used a universal needle - size 80. I managed to go through 2 needles thanks to a couple of pins...I should get shares in sewing needles for the amount I manage to break!

If you're doing the placket sleeve this would be the first step in the pattern but as I chose to do the boxy sleeve, my first step was the collar. For some reason I always get a little nervous doing collars, maybe I put too much pressure on myself to make it perfect. Anyway the construction of this collar was super easy mostly because of the clear instructions.

The back of the Ilford Jacket.

It has pockets!

The rest of the jacket was easy to do and came together fairly quickly.

Who doesn't love pockets?! This pattern has wonderful pocket options, so many varations you could have for your Ilford Jacket. I decided to use two handwarmer pockets, a top pocket and a pencil pocket. I pinned the pockets onto my jacket and tried it on to get a feel of where I wanted them positioned. I used a couple of pins to mark where I wanted to reposition them. Thankfully after that I was happy where they were.

Next onto the poppers. You can do buttonholes and buttons for this pattern, but as my fabric was quite chunky I decided to use bronze poppers, plus I'd seen another jacket with poppers and was sold! I got a set of metal poppers on eBay, there were bronze, silver, gold and a grey metal. I got Robert to figure out the poppers for me as each time I go to do them I forget the process plus this was the first time I used metal poppers. I actually found a great blog post, click here for that post. I did the poppers on our dining table but used a folded towel and two blocks of scrap wood to take the impact from the hammer.

Putting in the bronze poppers.

Featuring my Crafty Pinup Sewing Machine Pin.

I plan to wear my Ilford Jacket with as much as I can. I also purchased some of See You at Six's floral canvas that I plan to make a Tilly and the Buttons Ness skirt in so those will go perfectly.

So now it's finished and I am totally in love with it!

Thanks for reading!

Rebekah x

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