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My Sewing Year in Review - 2020

I haven't done a review of my sewing in a year before but I thought I would for this year. I think I have tried the most patterns this year compared to any other year since I started sewing. I have also added a number of new skills to my repertoire and I think my fabric stash has been the best it has ever been!

To start off I will begin with my Make 9 for 2020 and the status of them. The patterns I wanted to make in 2020:

  • Megan Nielsen's Darling Ranges Dress - I made two of these, one in a Lady McElroy boats cotton and the other in a blue and white polka dot viscose. 
  • Closet Core Patterns Sienna Maker Jacket (View B) - I made this for a Minerva blog using a lovely daisy canvas. It was a great learning experience although once I finished the jacket I realised it was a little too big for me but I hope to wear it. Check out my Minerva blog for this jacket here.
  • Closet Core Patterns Sienna Maker Jacket (View C) - Having made the View B version I knew I needed to size down which I did, to a size 10. I made this from a beautiful stonewashed linen in a mauve/lilac colour.
  • Tilly and the Buttons Nora Jumper - I love this pattern, who doesn't love a good jumper pattern. I made two of these this year for myself and one for a Christmas gift. It's a very quick pattern to sew, I have got it down to around an hour now to make one.
  • Tilly and the Buttons Ness Skirt - I loved making this skirt, it was my first time doing a zip fly and I haven't looked back! I made my first Ness in a floral canvas in a size 4. I also made another in a petrol coloured corduroy, perfect for winter but I sized down to a 3 for that one. 
  • Friday Pattern Company Ilford Jacket - I think this pattern has to be up there with my favourites of this year. I made a few versions of this jacket this year both as a jacket and a shirt.
  • Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges Blouse - I made this from a lilac Lisa Comfort cotton lawn that I had in my stash for over a year. I'm pleased with the result although the fabric does crease a lot! I would like to try to make a couple of other Darling Ranges blouses. 
  • Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs - I gotta say I really love this pattern!! I made mine from a stunning blue Irish Linen with a fine polka dot. They were fairly easy to sew together. I would like to make a warmer set with perhaps a narrower leg. I think they would be lovely with a warm jumper for winter. 
  • Closet Core Patterns Kelly Anorak - Alas there is this pattern which I have not made, I don't know why I just kept putting it off. I think I got excited by other patterns and fabrics that I wanted to sew more. The pattern also makes me a little nervous...I do have a lovely yellow canvas and blue jersey for the lining. I still want to make it, some day but I won't be putting a date on it this time. 

You can check out some of these blogs in the blog section :)

To continue on with my 2020 of sewing... I made my first pair of jeans and went on to make a second pair. I made the Megan Nielsen Ash Jeans and also the Dawn Jeans. The process wasn't as scary as I had always thought! I don't see myself buying a pair of jeans again or at least I'll always give them a go. 

In 2020 I also became a Minerva Maker blogger and a blogger for Felicity Fabrics. I absolutely love blogging for them both and it has been a great experience for me both in sewing and writing. I have to give a special shout out to all the fabulous ladies in our Felicity Fabrics blogger team. We have become such good friends over the last number of months and look forward to our friendship growing even more. 

As well as becoming friends with all the ladies in the Felicity blogger group, I have also built many a friendship with others on Instagram. It’s so nice that a hobby can bring us together and then we have other common interests. 

Some other patterns that quickly became favourites were:

  • Friday Pattern Company Ilford Jacket 
  • Nina Lee London Park Lane Blouse 
  • TATB Safiya Trousers
  • Wardrobe by Me Wanda Wrap Dress
  • Friday Pattern Company Wilder Blouse
  • By Hand London Hannah Wrap Top
  • Closet Core Elodie Wrap Dress 

As Henry turned one I also made him more t-shirts as I figured I would get longer out of them. I used the Poppy and Jazz Elm t-shirt pattern. I do adore making him clothes and always love it when he's wearing a mummy me made. I plan to make him more clothes in 2021! Including some dungarees, more t-shirts and some shirts. Let's hope he will love to model them for me. 

I also treated my other main man Robert to some nice shirts to wear. He's very good and poses for the photographs wearing his new shirts. 

Another part of 2020 I can't forget about is getting involved with making scrubs for the local healthcare workers. It was great to be able to use my skills to something worthwhile and needed at the time. 

At the end of the year Robert kindly bought me a phone adaptor for our tripod and now there's no stopping me with the photos. No more having to annoy him and Henry to come and take photos of my new makes! I do quite like the photo part, providing the hair and makeup are playing ball that day. 

Compared to any other year this year I made more Christmas gifts for family and friends. I think with everything going on this year I wanted to give something that bit extra special and where I had to buy fabric, I bought it from a local or small business to support them. Where possible I also used fabric from my stash. I'll do another blog discussing all my Christmas gifts. 

Another thing I started in 2020 was subscribing to the classic box with Sew Hayley Jane. I really love receiving my box each month. I started subscribing in September and haven't looked back. I thought I would give it a month or two then reconsider. But I just love it too much and the boxes are great value. Each box so far has encouraged me to use a fabric I wouldn't normally buy. At first I was worried I wouldn't like a box but Hayley has great taste so that isn't a worry and when looking through all the past boxes I loved every one! I wrote a blog about my first box, click here if you would like to read. 

Onto my favourite makes of the year...this might be a hard one. I think I should narrow them to my top 10? 

  1. Ilford Shirt in Sister Mintaka Flannel 
  2. Ilford Jacket in See You at Six Corduroy 
  3. Wanda Dress in Floral Jersey 
  4. Carnaby Coat in Ochre Teddy Bear Coating
  5. Ilford Jacket in Wax fabric 
  6. Ness Skirt in Floral Canvas 
  7. Park Lane Blouse in Navy Floral 
  8. Wilder Blouse in Fabric Godmother Losetta fabric 
  9. Copenhagen Coat in brown herringbone coating 
  10. Jumpsuit in stretch denim 

So yes a lot of Ilfords featured in there but that just proves how much I really love this pattern. It's so versatile in terms of the fabrics you can use. 


In 2020 I made quite a number of garments. I know we spent a lot of time indoors and keeping close to home but getting up and dressed nicely kept me going and still does through all this. Sewing is my therapy and the bit that still feels like me before motherhood. It's nice being able to switch off from technology and just sew. Though I do watch Netflix many times while I'm sewing but still other times I just enjoy the noise of the machines. 

Overall in 2020 I think I have been more advanced in my sewing, trying different fabrics, more patterns and learning new skills. 

To reflect I know 2020 wasn’t great in many ways but I want to take the positives we can. In 2020 we got to spend more time as a family. We got invaluable extra time with Henry and he has definitely benefited from having us around more. I do hope though that 2021 will allow us to see our family and friends in person more.Although if 2020 taught us anything it is to value those personal interactions and making time for those who really matter in our lives. I think it taught us to slow down a bit. My sewing hobby has been a huge part of helping me get through all the lockdowns and staying at home more. Even if it’s just 5 minutes threading the machine, every little helps. So whether you sew or not I recommend having a hobby that you can do at home because it works wonders for the mind. 

I hope 2021 will be an exciting year in terms of sewing. I have some plans to start making videos alongside my written blogs. I also have another part of my website under development to allow me to sell some products and have plans for those products! Another exciting thing going into 2021 with me is my delightfully beautiful Simplicity Vintage Planner. It is just a dream of all planners!! I hope this will help me keep track of all my projects coming in 2021. 

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