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My First Sew Hayley Jane Box

For as long as I can remember now I have been swooning over the Sew Hayley Jane boxes every time they have been released. Every month for the last 6 months I would watch Sewn on the Tyne's videos as Tamlyn showed and explained everything that was in the boxes. So in August I finally bit the bullet so to speak and subscribed to my very first box! I decided to subscribe to the Classic box which includes a magazine, 4 fat quarters, 2.5 metres of fabric, a selection of haberdashery/sewing gifts and sweeties. The Classic box costs 35 per month. 

With Sew Hayley Jane subscription boxes, there is no obligation to keep subscribing. If after your first or any box you don't want to subscribe you can cancel it. But believe me you will not want to cancel it because you'll love it! The box comes beautifully packaged with the contents wrapped in tissue paper. 

I was super excited answering the door to the postman right through to opening the box. I'm the sort of person who loves surprises but also likes to know what is happening so it's usually hard to surprise me. This is why I love this box. I love the anticipation and I can't find out what will be in the box. 

In the September box the theme was 'Art Class'. The 4 fat quarters by Stuart Hillard have beautiful jewel tones - like purples, dark blues and deep pinks. The fabric for this box was 2.5 metres of viscose jersey as shown below. It's not a fabric I would have normally chosen but I absoloutely love it! As soon as I saw it I knew it was destined to be a Wanda dress, a pattern by Wardrobe by Me Patterns. Alongside the fabrics there were a set of pins, a sewing themed washi tape by Nutmeg and Arlo and the sweeties were Jazzles! The sweets didn't last too long! The box also came with matching thread for the fabric. 

I loved reading through the magazine with the different interviews, pattern suggestions, Instagram watch and so on. Such a good read with a cup of tea and the sweeties. 

So overall I really do love my Sew Hayley Jane box. I don't see myself unsubscribing any time soon! Even though it's a paid subscription it's like receiving a present in the post! I can't wait to receive my next box! 

Thanks for reading :)

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