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Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs

I absolutely love this pattern, I can see myself making a few more versions of these over a few years. The Burnside Bibs are a dungaree style pattern.

Rebekah wearing Sew House Seven Bibs

Burnside Bibs made in a beautiful Irish Linen

There are two versions to choose from. Version 1 is a bit more fitted with a side zip and two darts in the back trousers. Version 2 is a looser fit without the darts and zip. Completely depends on your preference but both would be flattering to wear. I decided to go with Version 1 as I liked the idea of them being more fitted, I thought that would suit my body shape better.

I found the sizing to be very accurate too. I went with a size 10 and this was perfect for me. I can get them on without unzipping the zip but the option of unzipping the zip adds that extra bit of room to get the bibs on comfortably. I have also found that although they are fitted, thankfully the size still allows me to have the gathered effect at the back. So overall I am super happy with this sizing in this pattern.

Burnside Bibs accessorised with a handmade scissors necklace from Cepheid Studio

Back of the Burnside Bibs featuring a paper bag waistband.

I have been sewing quite a lot lately and sewing quite quickly in some makes when I got the chance so I wanted to take this project slowly. I started them on a Friday evening once Henry was fast asleep and they were finished by the following Wednesday. I just spent anything from 5 mins - 1 hour over the few days to get them finished. I took each step at a time, enjoyed every seam and each seam I pressed. I guess it was rather therapeutic to just slow down and take each step slowly. As a whole the Burnside Bibs don't take very long to make.

There was nothing terribly complicated about this pattern, probably just the invisble zip would be the trickiest part if you haven't sewn one before. But there is always version 2 without the zip. I would think a confident beginner could certainly take this pattern on.

Look at that beautiful polka dot linen!

The fabric I used was a beautiful Irish Linen from The Dab Hand. It is a lovely blue with darker blue polka dots. As soon as I saw it at their pop up shop in September 2019 I knew it would be perfect for the Burnside Bibs. It was a dream to sew with on the sewing machine and even nicer to wear. It's the perfect fabric for the Spring/Summer and will keep me nice and cool when the sun is out. I will have a lot of fun ironing them though as it seems linen loves creases!

Styled with a Named Ruska T-shirt and Sew Mag Alicia Cardigan.

My Ditsy Little necklace goes perfectly with this outfit!

I will wear my Burnside Bibs with a t-shirt mostly but could wear a blouse underneath to dress them up a bit. The best thing about anything we sew is that the fabric we choose can instantly make a pattern more casual or make it dressy. I would love to make these in a heavier fabric for the colder months too. In terms of shoes I will wear all with them you name it - trainers, pumps, heels and sandals. They're just so versatile!

Anyhow I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully you will make a pair sometime in the future. Keep an eye out on Instagram for all my latest makes.

Thanks for reading.

Rebekah x

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