Sewn with love by Rebekah



Welcome to Sew No.65!

I'm Rebekah from Northern Ireland married to Robert and mum to Henry.

I have a passion for sewing and in particular dressmaking. I started sewing in 2016 and since then I've been hooked! Not only do I love making clothing and accessories but I also love sourcing beautiful fabrics and choosing a pattern to make.

What I love about sewing is taking a piece of fabric and turning it into something so unique. The options are endless and there are countless fabrics and accessories out there to choose from! What a great feeling to know you have something no one else has. I always love it when someone asks where I got something from and I can say I made it myself.

One of my greatest treasures is my 1917 Singer Sewing Machine with a hand crank. It is a dream to sew on and there is something beautiful about using the hand crank to sew. The history the sewing machine must have fascinates me!


I have met so many lovely people through my hobby of sewing, some really good friends now. It's a great community to be a part of. In 2019 I joined the Dressmakers Anonymous Belfast group and haven't looked back since, it is wonderful meeting up with sewists chatting about all things sewing! I am also part of the Frocktails NI Committee planning to bring the first ever Frocktails to Northern Ireland.

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Rebekah x